Steel Roof Sheets

Steel Roof Sheets come in a variety of profiles: Box, Round Corrugated and Tile Effect / Tile Form. 

These profiles depend on the manufacturer and the intended purpose of the sheets. The majority of steel roof sheets available today are trapezoidal (box profile). There are innumerous different profiles. For help identifying a profile to match an existing one, please refer to our Roof Sheet Ordering Guide.

The shape has several advantages: The profile depth is generally deeper than that of round corrugated sheets, so it is stronger. Due to the straight line construction, it tends to lap more effectively on the side laps. It can be fixed through the trough of the profile and no crushing of the profile occurs, unlike round corrugated sheets that are fixed on the crown of the profile. It can be used down to pitches as low as 4 degrees. 

That profiled sheeting is supplied in 0.5mm and 0.7mm. It is recommended that a 0.7mm thickness is used for longer sheets for greater strength and spanning ability.

Plastic Coated

This is the most popular of profiled roof sheetings because it has the most robust coating, aswell as being economic. It is a galvanised steel profiled sheet with primer on both sides and embossed PVC on the weatherside.

Plastic Coated Roof Sheets are suitable for both roof and wall cladding systems, in both corrugated and box (trapezoidal) profile, in 0.5mm and 0.7mm thicknesses. It has a 200 micron durable, abrasion-resistant topcoat. It is available in a selection of the most popular colours in standard sizes. It is tested to perform well up to 25 years to first maintenance with a life of excess of 40 years in normal environments.

It is recommended where long-life, strength and aesthetic appeal can be matched to environmental, cost and performance requirements.

Specification sheets, metal samples, colour cards and technical advice available on request.

Paint Coated (Polyester)

This is the same galvanised sheet underneath as the Plastic Coated sheet and the same primer specification, but instead of having the plastic coating, it has a 20 micron coating of silicone polyester paint.

This is a fairly popular option, as it saves having to paint a galvanised sheet. It is generally available in four colours: Dark Green, Van Dyke Brown, Slate and Grey (primer).