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Roof Sheets

Designed and Manufactured in the UK, our Roof Sheets come in a variety of profiles. The roof/cladding sheets are cut to the length required (excluding fibre cement sheets) and we supply custom made flashings and trims and all of the accessories and fixings that you need. Various colours available. For an Installation, Profile ID and Ordering Guide, please click here.

Plastic Coated - Corrugated or box. Robust, lightweight and economic. A galvanised steel profiled sheet with primer on both sides and embossed PVC on the weather side.

Paint Coated (Polyester) - This is the same galvanised sheet as the Plastic Coated but instead of plastic it has a coating of silicone polyester paint.

Tile Effect/Tileform Sheeting – Traditional clay tile effect. Elegant on new builds. Blends beautifully into older and culturally sensitive areas with the benefits of being solid, attractive, durable and maintenance free.

Kingspan Composite Insulated Panels – A one-fix system. Lightweight and simple to install, these cost-effective panels are stylish whilst meeting building regulations, for roof and wall assembly applications, offering full insulation and low air leakage performance.
Insulation: 40mm – 150mm. Cover width: 1000mm. Profile Depth: 35mm.

Marley Eternit’s Fibre Cement – Big 6 and Profile 3 – Made from Portland cement and a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres, these sheets don’t rust, rot or corrode. Excellent noise and thermal insulation. Perfect replacement for asbestos. We stock Big 6: 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft. Profile 3: 5ft, 8ft and 10ft.

Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting – Made from thermoplastic polymer, they are transparent, in clear, bronze or opal and are available in Twinwall and Triplewall. Weather-resistant. Blocks UV. High light transmission.

Rooflights - Various profiles. Compatible with our roof sheets. PVC or GRP (if you require a stronger, more fire resistant product). We also sell Mardome dome and flat roof lights, designed for flat and low pitched roofs. Options for glazing, ventilation, openings, kerbs and fixings, as well as different sizes (bespoke available). Outer skin is clear, textured, opal and bronze with varying visibility effects.

Mardome Flat Glass Rooflights are double glazed units, providing exceptional thermal performance, along with a contemporary style. Can be nonopening or mains power opened. These come with choices of ventilation, kerb and fixing options.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our roofing department, or come and visit us! We would be very happy to assist you. We offer superb aftersales, too.

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Key Clamps

Keyclamps are a range of quality galvanised malleable iron pipe fittings which are designed for a multitude of uses. The vast and versatile range really does allow you to stretch your mind to what application you may need it for.

Key Clamps

An indication of typical applications include:

  • Handrails
  • Fencing
  • Milk Parlours
  • Film Sets
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Theme Park Queue Management
  • Retail Displays & Shop Fittings
  • Pedestrian Handrails
  • Car Park & Trolley Barriers
  • Railway Guard Railing
  • Storage Racking
  • Security Gates
  • Playground Equipment
  • Traffic Control Railings
  • Road Signs
  • Wheelchair Access Ramps
  • Civic Amenity / Recycling Sites
  • Agricultural Enclosures
  • Commercial Billboard Frames
  • Canopies & Car Ports
  • Cycle Racks & Trolley Bays
  • Sports Practice Nets
  • Industrial & Domestic Furniture
  • Heavy Duty Workstations
  • Market Stalls
  • Roof Guardrails & Water Treatment Works

Designed for easy, simple and fast erection of rigid structures by hand, with the minimum of tools, our keyclamps are a cost effective and efficient system and they eliminate the need for welding, bending or threading of the tube.

For customising to specific end-user requirements, powder coating is available applied over the galvanising in a wide spectrum of RAL or BS colours on request.

We stock sizes A: 26.9mm, B: 33.7mm, C: 42.4mm and D: 48.3mm but can obtain any other size you may need. Six sizes available. No minimum order.

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