Roof Lights

Our rooflights can be supplied in various profiles and are compatible to be used with any of our other roof sheeting products with the exception of polycarbonate.

Sheets can be manufactured out of PVC, or GRP if you require a stronger, more fire resistant product.

We keep a certain amount of these items in stock in both PVC and GRP material in 3" and 6" corrugated and also box profile. A wide variety of different profiles can be obtained but accurate dimensions of the existing profile will be needed to confirm identification (please click here for our Profile Identification Guide).

We also sell Mardome dome and flat rooflights which are designed specifically for installation on flat and low pitched roofs and are compatible with a variety of roofing systems. Each style has different options for glazing, ventilation, openings, kerbs and fixings, aswell as different sizes (bespoke available). They are glazed with impact resistant polycarbonate, which features dual sided UV protection and the outer skin of which comes available in either clear, textured, opal and bronze and with different visibility effects.

Mardome Flat Glass Rooflights are double glazed units, providing exceptional thermal performance, along with a contemporary style. Can be non-opening or mains power opened. These come with choices of ventilation, kerb and fixing options.

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