Flooring Tiles

Flooring tiles are smart enough to enhance an office floor as well as adding style to your home, adding versatile colour and design to a living room and being durable enough to take the knocks of being on the kitchen floor.

Flooring tiles are extremely popular with our customers that require office flooring that are hard-wearing, long lasting, stain-resistant and great value for money.

They are very popular in the home now, too as it frees the homemaker from the limitations of single colour and texture when thinking about flooring. Unique and beautiful, carpet tiled flooring that is changeable, is easy to achieve and exciting because you can change the design whenever you feel like it, using the same tiles, according to your own style and taste.

Ask about our Heuga catalogue to get a taste of what you can do with our tiles. You will not be disappointed, as carpet tiles have come a long way from years ago and they now look like a well-laid and lovely carpet at a fraction of the price of carpet on a roll (which we supply also – see below).


For use in areas of heavy-duty and intense footfall areas, and where safety is paramount, like with cafeterias, corridors, changing rooms, sports areas and foyers, vinyl flooring from Manufacturers: Polyflor, Gerflor and Altro, is ideal. They meet all safety requirements, are slip-resistance assured,  hardwearing, hygienic, attractive and available in a vast range of great colours and design.


We have a vast range of carpets and colours and welcome you to come and visit us to browse through our sample books.


Epoxy is an extremely tough resin resurfacing screed for heavy industrial floor areas. Epoxy Screed will provide outstanding durability and high chemical spillage resistance. This flooring screed offers all the qualities required for heavy industrial floor areas that demand performance.

For resurfacing concrete flooring within heavy industrial areas to provide a durable, impact resistant, chemical resistant, hygienic and non-porous finish, Epoxy is the most ideal flooring. It is suggested for floor areas that demand high performance with high decorative appearance, like warehouses and factories, chemical plants, engineering workshops, pub cellar floors and other areas of heavy traffic.