Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

We only supply fibre cement products that are produced in the UK by the UK's prestigious manufacturers - Marley Eternit.

Fibre Cement Roofing is a perfect full replacement for the old banned asbestos roofing. It also serves as a safe and easy method of repair for the existing roof and is compatible with the 3 inch and Big 6 Profile. Fibre Cement Roofing is popular for livestock buildings because of the reduced sound transfer and condensation handling properties.

Profile 3

Profile 3 has long been established as one of the most versatile and useful profiles for roofing and cladding for small agricultural, industrial buildings, garages, poultry houses, sheds, stables and all portable buildings.

The products are differentiated by the size of corrugation of the sheets - Profile 3 having smaller corrugations than Profile 6. Both types of sheet are manufactured from a selected blend of Portland cement and water. This is reinforced with a mixture of both natural and synthetic fibres. The longevity of this formulation has allowed the manufacturer to offer a 30-year guarantee on our sheets and fittings (available on request).

Profile 3 is manufactured from Portland cement and water, reinforced with cellulose and textile fibres giving it a natural grey colour. Slight shade variation may occur in natural grey sheets depending on cement type.

The advantages of fibre cement sheets are:

  • Can be used down a pitch of 10 degrees
  • They don't rust, rot or corrode
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Highly cost-effective waterproofing
  • Easy to Handle
  • Can achieve A+ or A ratings in the Green Guide
  • Resistant to Chemical Attack
  • Excellent noise and thermal insulation

A factory applied paint finish is also available in a selection of colours (to order). The installed dry weight of Profile 3 is approximately 14.5kg/m2 for single skin application.

These sheets have a  P60 (Ext SAA) rating to BS476 part 3 and can be classified 0 in accordance with Building Regulations.

Profile 3 sheet lengths (mm):

1375, 1525, 1675, 1825, 2125, 2450, 2600, 2750 and 3050.

Stock lengths – 5ft (1525mm), 8ft (2450mm) and 10ft (3050).

All accessories, such as: Flashings, Boards, Ridges, etc. are available to order.

Big 6 / Profile 6 

Big 6 is a high-strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations, which run for the full length of the sheet in each corrugation. This provides maximum reinforcement strength with no loss of durability in service.

It has a very broad appeal and is used for roof pitches of 5 degree and over for roof or vertical cladding - single skin and insulated.

A factory applied paint coating is available to order in a selection of colours. The installed dry weight of Profile 6 is approximately 17Kg/m2 for single skin application.

Stock lengths – 5ft (1525mm), 6ft (1825mm), 7ft (2125mm), 8ft (2450mm), 9ft (2750mm) and 10ft (3050).

As with Profile 3, Flashings, Boards, Ridges and other accessories, are available to order.