Kingspan Composite Insulated Panels

Using Kingspan Composite Insulated Panels can accommodate the most creative and stylish visions as well as meeting demanding regulations and specifications, for any roof or wall assembly applications. We used Composite Insulated Panels on our Yeovil building.

The Composite Insulated Roof Panel system offers a viable alternative to built-up and boarded systems as it is a one-fix system, lightweight and simple to install which ultimately reduces labour costs.

The outer skin has a thickness of 0.5mm and the inner white enamel skin 0.4mm. The insulation core is available from 40mm – 150mm. If it is to meet Building Regulations, then the current minimum is 115mm (for a roof) and 80mm (for side cladding).

We will custom make them for you, to the length that you desire.

They are profiled PVC coated composite panels with a finished underside in bright white, offering a cover width of 1000mm and a profile depth of 35mm.

The panel coatings can come in a smooth plastic coated finish in various standard colours like Van Dyke Brown, Olive Green and Merlin Grey - or with metallic finishes which can satisfy the most creative specification desires.

When used in roof applications, construction can be safely undertaken down to a 4 degree pitch using conventional through fasteners.

We are always pleased to offer technical information for installation and Data Sheets are available on request.

Factory assembled rooflights and flashing accessories complete the system offering cost effective, fully insulated ‘warm construction’ for industrial and commercial buildings and low air leakage performance, offering long term lifecycle durability. 

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