Aluminium Manufacturing




Aluminium Manufacturing


DL Aluminium Workplace Solutions Ltd. use an aluminium profile system which is a modular extrusion system used worldwide in the construction of machine frames, safety guarding, protective barriers, support structures, transport and supply trolleys, display systems, conveyors, aircraft staging and work benches.  


Our customers come from all sectors of industry including Aerospace, Chemical and Pharmaceutical - from machine builders to manufacturers and end users.


The product range is impressive and offers a comprehensive variety of profile sections harmonized with an extensive range of accessories, ensuring a functional and aesthetic solution to your application can be met. As shown above, there is a solution for a multitude of needs: dog training pens, insulated storage containers for delicate electrical equipment, aircraft staging, work areas, bench systems, spiral staircases........


The range allows exceptional build quality from our experienced team of Engineers, on-site at Yeovil. By your drawing specifications - or by ours!  


We have been working with aluminium for over 40 years, installing aluminium windows,  doors and conservatories throughout the Southwest of England, to an ever-increasing stream of highly satisfied customers.


Our Unique Aluminium Profile is just another part of our long history of working with aluminium. Whether it is windows, doors, conservatories, workbenches or aircraft staging, we can deliver a quality product whatever the design or process.  


DL Aluminium Custom-made (Full or Partial Stand-Alone) Staging Products provide a unique combination of safety, versatility and mobility, helping you and your Business comply with 'Working at Height' regulations, while monitoring efficient workflow. 


All of DL Aluminium Workplace Products are fully-inspected and will be delivered to you on the date agreed, ready to be assembled or delivered complete.